Promscale has been discontinued. We strongly recommend that you do not use Promscale in a production environment. Learn more.

You can install Promscale on a Red Hat or CentOS system, if you have an already installed and working Prometheus or OpenTelemetry environment.

To use Promscale, you need a TimescaleDB database, as well as the Promscale extension. The Promscale extension contains support functions to improve performance of Promscale.

  1. Install TimescaleDB following the instructions in the TimescaleDB install page

  2. Install the Promscale extension:

    yum install promscale-extension-postgresql-14

    You can also use other versions of Postgres by changing the version in promscale-extension-postgresql-<version>, Promscale supports Postgres 12, 13 and 14 versions.

The Promscale Connector consumes PromQL queries natively and fetches data from TimescaleDB to execute them, while SQL queries go directly to TimescaleDB. After you install TimescaleDB and the Promscale extension, you can install the Promscale Connector using this command:

  1. If you are installing Promscale Connector on a different host, You have to setup the timescale package registry similar to TimecaleDB pre-install instructions.

  2. Install Promscale Connector

    yum install promscale