Promscale has been discontinued. We strongly recommend that you do not use Promscale in a production environment. Learn more.

Promscale includes a set of out-of-the-box alerts, runbooks, and a Grafana dashboard that you can use to monitor it.


To monitor Promscale, make sure that a Prometheus instance is scraping the Promscale HTTP metrics endpoint, which defaults to port 9201 port in the /metrics API. Use Prometheus to evaluate the Promscale alerting rules, and configure Prometheus as a data source in Grafana to visualize the Promscale dashboard. This helps to troubleshoot issues when Promscale isn't working as expected. You should be using a separate Prometheus instance and not Promscale. You don't want your monitoring tool monitoring itself.

The Grafana dashboard consists of Promscale metrics grouped in several rows:

  • Overview
  • Ingest
  • Query
  • Database
  • Cache

Import the Promscale Grafana dashboard by following the instructions below

  1. In the Grafana community dashboards, click the Details button to open the Promscale metrics dashboard published by Promscale
  2. Click Copy ID to Clipboard to copy the dashboard UID.
  3. In the Grafana UI, select Import from the + Create icon on the side menu.
  4. Paste the dashboard UID in the Import via textbox, and click Load. The Importing dashboard from page appears.
  5. In the Folder drop-down menu, choose the folder to which you want to add the dashboard..
  6. Select the data source that corresponds to the Prometheus instance that you are using to monitor Promcsale in the Prometheus drop-down.
  7. Click Import.

You can configure alerting rules for Promscale to send alerts when something doesn't work as expected in Promscale.

Here are the alerting rules for Promscale. These alerting rules should be configured on the Prometheus instance that you are using to monitor Promscale.

When an alert is sent, the alert message references the relevant runbook to troubleshoot and mitigate the issue. These runbooks are published and maintained in the Promscale Github repository.