Promscale has been discontinued. We strongly recommend that you do not use Promscale in a production environment. Learn more.

This section describes the configuration recommendations for Promscale.

You can use the timescaledb-tune tool to set most common parameters to the best values for your system. The tool accounts for memory, CPU, and PostgreSQL version. For more information, see configuration. Additionally, there are a few other PostgreSQL parameters that you might like to adjust:

  • checkpoint_timeout=15min - when a lot of data is ingested, increase the checkpoint timeout to reduce the input/output pressure.
  • bgwriter_delay=10ms - the background writer needs to be active to reduce delays.
  • bgwriter_lru_maxpages=100000 - increase the number of pages a background writer can handle, to make it more efficient.
  • max_wal_size - set it to a high enough value so that the checkpoint is triggered by the timeout setting, much before the max_wal_size is reached.
  • synchronous_commit=off - this does not cause data corruption or inconsistency. However, in case of a crash, some of the most recent data points could be lost. For a monitoring observability use case, it's a reasonable trade-off to increase ingest performance.

Make sure that the maximum latency between the Promscale connector and the database is no more than 100 ms.