Promscale has been discontinued. We strongly recommend that you do not use Promscale in a production environment. Learn more.

Jaeger is an open source distributed tracing system used for monitoring and troubleshooting microservices-based distributed systems. To visualize traces stored in Promscale in Jaeger, you need to have the jaeger-query component running. This Jaeger component queries and visualizes traces from Promscale.

This section shows you how to integrate Jaeger with Promscale.

Before you begin, deploy the jaeger-query component from the Jaeger deployments page. Ensure that you are using jaeger-query version 1.30 or later.

  1. Configure the SPAN_STORAGE_TYPE, and GRPC_STORAGE_SERVER options for jaeger-query using the environment variables:


    where: <PROMSCALE_HOST>:9202 is the Promscale gRPC endpoint.

  2. Start the jaeger-query component, it should be successfully connected with Promscale to visualize the traces.

You can visualize traces from Promscale in jaeger-query home page. Use the Search panel on the left to filter and query traces from Promscale.

Sample output for Jaeger query results

To set up jaeger-query with Promscale using Docker you need the IP address of the Promscale container or the URL.

You can find the IP address of the Promscale container using:


In the output, the IP address is listed under NetworkSettingsNetworksIPAddress section.

You can set the URL as <PROMSCALE>:9202 where:

  • <PROMSCALE> is the name of the container
  • 9202 is the gRPC port of Promscale
  1. Run Jaeger query using the official Docker image:

    docker run -d \
    -p 16686:16686 \
    --network opentelemetry-demo_default \
    --name=jaeger \
    -e "SPAN_STORAGE_TYPE=grpc-plugin" -e "GRPC_STORAGE_SERVER=<PROMSCALE>:9202" \
  2. Navigate to localhost:16686 in your browser, to access the jaeger-query homepage.

  3. Use the Search panel on the left to filter and start querying traces from Promscale.